The Mystery that is Food Prep

A lot of people seem to be daunted by the task of food prep. They don’t know where to start or think it’s something only body builders do. I am a firm believer that “food prep” can be defined in many ways and be useful for anyone, whether you be a single person or a busy family.

Any kind of preparation done ahead of time on a weekend will save you time during the week. In my home, this starts with menu planning. In a previous post series (Preparation in Home) I posted the weekly menu planner document I use each week. Not only does this help me pre-plan healthy meals but I also build my grocery list from it. That helps me purchase only what I need for the week. I save money and am less wasteful, which are two things I find very important.

Once home from the grocery, my food prep begins. Depending on what I’ve chosen for the week, this could mean marinating meat for later use, making soup or chili, prepping vegetables by cleaning and chopping, etc. I also pre-pack lunches as much as possible so they are ready to grab and go. The same is true for snacks.

The photo below was taken from food prep last week. I fully assembled lunches, made chili and portioned it out and also made homemade salsa and guacamole to use throughout the week.  I also marinated chicken for different dinner items for use later in the week at dinner time.  Taking time to do these things during the weekend saved me tons of time throughout the week to not only enjoy  my lunch break, but have healthy dinners in 30 minutes or less throughout the week.

Give food prep a try and let me know how it helps you this week.  I’m here if you have any questions or need more tips.  🙂



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