Can you have it all?

I’ve been looking for a new job for a while now. In fact, my husband says I wear him out with my ADD-like job hunting. Look, I can be a writer! Look, I can be a caterer! Look, I can do design work!  No, I may not know exactly what I want to do but I know I’m not meant to stay where I am. I know I can do more. I know I have creativity and skills that I am not fully utilizing. So the question is… When it comes to our career are we crazy to jump to new opportunities or crazy not to?

If you are at this place in your life, let me give some insights I’ve picked up so far. First, get a copy of Quitter by John Acuff.  It is inspiring, motivational and also the reality check every quit-your-day-job dreamer needs.  If you have people depending on you, it’s not prudent to just up and quit a job with zero fallback options.  Even if you’re single I wouldn’t recommend the drop everything and chase your dream approach.  As hard as it may be to swallow, finding your dream job (that will actually sustain you) doesn’t happen overnight.  So slow it down & be strategic with your choices. 

Second, if you don’t know exactly where your career nirvana path leads, start with a small step. Explore and hone in your areas of interest and then find a small way to incorporate that into your life. I like to do a lot of things and would love to make a career out of any one of my interests.  But it’s not a straight shot from desk job to my dream job when I’m not even really sure what that is. But what I do know is that I like to create. So the first step for me was starting this blog. I can write, share my love of cooking and explore home projects and design all in one outlet.   For you that may mean something different – taking a class perhaps or  gaining some new experience. 

Whatever it is, the most important thing I am learning is that you have to be actively involved in changing your life. That career you want,  the lifestyle you crave…it’s not just going to fall in your lap. So while my husband may get a laugh at the new classified I come home with today, he never faults me for actively working toward career happiness.  It’s all part of the groundwork and I know that in time, this hazy career path will be come clear and I will have found my life’s work.  Until then, here’s one more week’s practice. 🙂


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