The lovers and haters of CrossFit

More and more, I am noticing a growing social commentary on CrossFit.  I find it extremely interesting that there seems to be a love/hate attitude toward the increasingly popular fitness regime with each side leaning toward the extreme.  Fascinating.  I’ve seen many a typical gym lifter dis CrossFit and the “skinny” folks who claim to be able to push so much weight.  Someone with those skinny legs couldn’t possibly squat more than you, right??  Or the Facebook disdain that you have yet again tagged yourself at your box (CrossFit gym) or heaven forbid – you sport a logo shirt or window decal.  Why the hate?

I have to admit I don’t understand it.   Is it insecurity? Does someone “flaunting” their healthy habits perhaps stir up some discomfort with you?  Or worse, do we by nature not enjoy seeing someone else’s happiness and success?  I would hope not.

In my personal CrossFit experience, I haven’t seen fellow CrossFitters take on the attitude of, “I’m better than you because I do this.”  In fact, that’s against the very nature of community for which CrossFit stands.  That sense of community and support is actually one of the reasons I was drawn to CrossFit in the first place.  Your biggest competitor is you.  There is no judgment from others – unless you’re doing something wrong and your coach will fix that, stat.

So I find it intriguing that there is this backlash from some out in the social media world.   So what if we are proud of what we do?  Aren’t you?  Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish a fitness goal you didn’t think you could or didn’t even think was possible?  So what if we sport logo shirts or a decal on our car?  Do you not support things you are passionate about as well?  And if we tag ourselves every single time we’re at CrossFit, SO WHAT?  Do we not have to see your location and public diaries as well?

I don’t want to be hateful, but I just find this whole rhetoric dumb.  If someone has found a fitness community they feel comfortable in, actually engages in fitness activity on a regular basis and is taking strides to good health, why would anyone judge that negatively?  Why would you not support that?  CrossFit may not be for everyone, but nor may be running, traditional lifting, yoga, dance fitness, boot camps or (fill in with any other fitness regime).  Each person has to find a fitness regime that’s right for them – whatever that may be.  Let’s just applaud each other for doing something for our health and feeling good about that.

And if after all this you still wanna hate on me because this former gym lifter likes Crossfit, well…..  too bad for you.  I feel good when I lift heavy weights or do more reps than I thought I could and I feel proud of myself for getting though that workout every time I leave.  It’s an accomplishment to me and I’m not about to apologize for that.


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