Whole30 Week 2-Check! On to week 3

Well we are officially half way through our Whole30 challenge and it’s been a success! Even though you’re supposed to avoid the scales for the entire month and just focus on your overall health, I have weighed each week since I had committed to a weight loss challenge for prize money at my office. I’m happy to report that at the end of 2 weeks I’ve lost 6lbs!! (Insert happy dance here). And while I still have some baby weight left to go I feel confident this trend will continue, though I’m not totally hung up on the number. You do know that a number on a scale is not representative of health, right?? Healthy hormone levels, insulin response, cholesterol levels, inflammation level, body fat percentage – those are some good indicators of health. Your weight & corresponding Body Mass Index (BMI) is definitely a part of that, but focusing on the numbers alone can really give you a skewed representation of where you are physically. If you want to read more on that, go here: http://healthland.time.com/2013/08/26/why-bmi-isnt-the-best-measure-for-weight-or-health/

Further, allow me to step on my soap box for a moment…..The phrase, “you are what you eat,” is ringing even truer these days. If you want to feel good, eat food that’s good for you. Food is your life support. LITERALLY! So why have we been giving ourselves crap and then wondering why we have no energy or are overweight or have blood pressure or cholesterol problems? It’s an easy trap to fall into in our American lifestyle of convenience foods. I have definitely been there and done that!  Why else would I have gone looking for a diet? But as I educate myself more on food and how the simple act of food choice affects your health, I am fascinated. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten that our bodies are miracle workers, designed to self-regulate and efficiently take care of all our needs, if we just give them the proper fuel. In other words, if we can stick to the basics and not be sucked in by the fake, over-processed, over-salted, over-sugared stuff that is marketed so heavily to us, good, whole, real food has the potential to heal you and put you back in balance. Amazing……Ok, enough of that for now.

So what did we eat this week? We finished out the week and weekend with some comfort food. In this process, I’ve done my best to choose recipes and fix meals that are still family friendly to fend off a full-out revolt from everyone in the house.  We’ve done a lot of turkey burgers since they are quick and easy.  Pair that with a baked or roast sweet potato, a dill pickle and toppings and you’ve got yourself a meal. For my son, if we aren’t doing some kind of potato with dinner, I’ll either fix him a potato of his own or whip up some rice to add to his plate. Those are the main starchy carbs he likes and thankfully they are easy additions to any meal. But most of the time, he just eats what we eat.

We also had dinner out, which was a nice change. I had a steak with sautéed mushrooms and a big salad with vinaigrette dressing. Yum!! I made a big pot of chili on Saturday along with some yummy chipotle peach chicken wings and capped off the weekend with some restaurant style chicken nuggets.  I modified the wings recipe to use the leftover chipotles I had in the fridge and peaches that needed to be used and loved that sweet-smokey-spicy combination.  While the chili and wings were family approved, the nuggets recipe was by far the weekend favorite.   Chicken nuggets as part of a healthy eating plan??  These are rolled in seasoned tapioca starch and fried in healthy coconut oil.  It’s not something I’d fix weekly, but they are definitely going in the rotation. So Good!


Paleo ChikFilA Style Nuggets

Paleo ChikFilA Style Nuggets


Berry Jalapeno Wings from @healthfest; taken from the Best of @Whole30recipes

So, now we are on to week 3.  If I were to give you advice at this point based on my experience, I’d say use the resources available and create your own condiments and go for bulk sizing with meats.  It’s easier to cook a big roast or grill several chicken breasts or turkey burgers to have ready to go during the week.  It saves time and is also typically less expensive when purchasing.  (I made a trip to Costco this weekend specifically for that purpose).  As well, sauces and condiments can transform a basic cut of meat into so many different flavors .  They help give your food variety when you’re making more than one meal from the same protein source and if you’re like me, you need food variety.

On the menu for week 3 is some Asian style cuisine.  That’s one thing my husband and I have missed is Chinese and Thai food.  So I’m switching things up a bit and will be trying out some new recipes.  Look for a post mid-week to see how it goes.  Until then….


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