This blog is part of a personal commitment to nourish my authentic self with a creative outlet. Given that my 9 to 5 is a desk job (a good job actually) and not as a member of Food Network or HGTV, I often long for a way to express myself creatively.

I love to write. I love to create. So why all of a sudden did I find myself not doing anything creative?  That was the question I was reflecting on heavily at the end of 2013.  Being a “grown up,” it wasn’t really practical for me to up and quit my job and go try out for The Voice or move to Knoxville and work for HGTV.  And though the thought of a super-fun dream job still lingers, there are some things I can do to feed my creativity. I can write. I can tackle some DIY. I can do something. They may be small somethings, but still..it’s something.

That’s my goal here.  Small somethings to nourish the creative soul.  As this blog title suggests, my life is decidedly suburban but I do love it. We live in a small town in the south and I come from a HUGE southern family.

This blog is a dedication to my love of cooking, my sweet southern family, and my other domestic adventures.  Whether or not anyone else reads this, I am happy to have place to park my thoughts and share my creativity. It will be a place for this suburban gal to give voice to the dreamer within.

Thanks for stopping by!


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